Running D3.js on IIS

I’m playing around with D3.js and it is fantastic – thank you Mike Bostock for advancing the visual language.    Also thanks to Mike Dewar for the succinct O’Reilly book which helps explain the basic concepts.

If you want to get it working with IIS 7 you’ll need to modify the default MIME types to add JSON as a type “application/json”.  Otherwise the graphs won’t load due to the server throwing 403 and 500 errors on the JSON data files.


Good book on Forecasting using Excel

I’m no econometrician but I am trying to understand how to decompose my data (quantify the trend, seasonal, cyclical and irregular components of my time series). I like this book’s Excel examples. I’m sure once I get into more advanced topics such as ARIMA, I’ll probably want to use JMP or ezForecaster, but it’s a good place to start.

I love the little tricks you learn along the way. For example, calculating a seasonal index by dividing your time series value by the corresponding moving average value – combined with a little conditional formatting it’s a nice way to highlight peaks and valleys in your data.

Fundamentals of Forecasting Using Excel
by Kenneth D. Lawrence, Ronald K. Klimberg and Sheila M. Lawrence
Industrial Press – 2009

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INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research

I’m sure Operations Research practitioners must wonder what all this fuss about “analytics” is, since they’ve been doing it for years.

Dr. Michael Rappa from North Carolina State’s Institute for Advanced Analytics will be speaking. He is awesome, as is his institute and NCSU in general (go Wolfpack).